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A new breed of collaboration platform; focused on delivering quality, curated collaboration within and beyond the constraints of traditional organisations.

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Shift on desktop and mobile

Connect a community with ease

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    Customisable for your organisation and audience

    The look and feel of your brand, values with functionality that matches your audience's needs.

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    Security first and cloud agnostic

    Solid security foundations and monitoring technology with cloud-agnostic architecture protect and offer flexibility.

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    Green / Net Zero Collaboration Enabler

    Helping your organisation reduce its carbon footprint through effective online collaboration.

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    Proven, built initially for an innovation community

    Developed for a network of 1,200 C-suite level executives to collaborate and network online.

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    Future proofed for immersive communication and experiences

    Giving you scope to run immersive events and meetings in the metaverse within the platform.

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    Public and Private and collaboration

    Offering both Public and Private collaboration areas that allows you to speedily progress projects while retaining privacy for content that is sensitive.

Shift's metaverse integration

Create truly immersive experiences

Allow your members to meet, interact, attend events and watch live webinars within the Metaverse using a virtual reality headset.

  • Checkmark icon Public or Private metaverse with reception and gallery spaces
  • Checkmark icon HLS Video & M3U8 live streaming support
  • Checkmark icon Customisable templated environments and avatars
  • Checkmark icon Dedicated infrastructure options
  • Checkmark icon 12 simultaneous visitors per room
  • Checkmark icon Unlimited rooms and unlimited public members
Shift's spaces page

Bespoke Spaces that allow collaboration to flourish

For Public and Private structured collaboration to share information and data easily and securely. Bringing together stakeholders of your choice such as co-workers, companies, members and citizens.

  • Checkmark icon Structured conversations
  • Checkmark icon Create categories and topics
  • Checkmark icon Share posts and submit comments
  • Checkmark icon Change Public to Private easily
  • Checkmark icon Discover Public conversations
  • Checkmark icon Retain privacy for Private discussions
Shift's connections and network page

Expand connections and personal network

Identify new people to start up meaningful conversations, share ideas and solve problems through an easy to view Members Directory.

  • Checkmark icon Find by email, name or company
  • Checkmark icon Select to connect
  • Checkmark icon View profiles
  • Checkmark icon Invite new members
  • Checkmark icon Message a member
  • Checkmark icon Invite Members to Public and Private Spaces
Shift with custom brand colours

Fully customisable to suit any organisation

Brand using your own fonts, colours, logos and imagery. Choose from the feature set to suit your audience and objectives.

  • Checkmark icon Apply your organisation's brand colours
  • Checkmark icon Choose which features suit your organisation best
  • Checkmark icon Use your brand fonts

Built to suit your collaboration needs

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    Collaboration for Research in Universities

    Providing a technology platform for universities and businesses to collaborate by widening the global expertise network of individuals, in order to carry out high quality rigorous and robust research that has a positive impact.

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    For Public Sector

    Providing a technology platform for local government and other public sector organisations to collaborate internally, with other organisations, and interact with their citizens to make improvements and effectively take action in emergencies.

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    For Defence

    Providing a secure technology platform for defence to discover a diverse set of collaborators and promote research opportunities for the development of the most effective technologies and methodologies.

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2022 Collaboration Report

Innovate, create, communicate: an in-depth analysis of the importance of collaboration for organisations in 2022.

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Shift's messaging page

Utilise diverse collaboration tools

Providing tools to suit a wide variety of instant communication preferences including mainstream chat, voice and video calling. With full conversation history, document collaboration and interactive whiteboards, plus support for multiple languages.

  • Checkmark icon Direct and group chat, voice and video calls
  • Checkmark icon Document collaboration and interactive whiteboards
  • Checkmark icon Message translation into multiple languages
  • Checkmark icon Online presence indicators
  • Checkmark icon Conversation history
Shift's user profile page

Drive growth through collaboration

Drive engagement in the community if your Members are motivated by rewards or recognition, by allocating reward points that result in recognition levels.

  • Checkmark icon Points for referral signup and profile completion
  • Checkmark icon Points for authoring or commenting on a post or article
  • Checkmark icon Points defined by your goals
  • Checkmark icon Standard recognition Bronze to Gold
  • Checkmark icon Customised recognition types
  • Checkmark icon Displayed on Member’s Profile
Shift's events page

Share the latest news and events with your community members

The Events area provides a single location to share and host events and the News area allows you to cut through the clutter of all other information shared.

  • Checkmark icon Events dashboard to view full event calendar
  • Checkmark icon Individual event pages with registration functionality
  • Checkmark icon Host within the Shift Platform
  • Checkmark icon Control the feed within the News area
  • Checkmark icon Members can engage with news content
Crisis logo
“The opportunity to connect and co-create with such a talented and inspirational group of innovators within the Corporate Innovation Community on the Shift Platform has been hugely valuable. The fresh thinking, generosity of time and solution building has been instrumental in Crisis developing a Venture Studio that invests in new ventures contributing to the end of homelessness.”
Sarah Farquhar Director of Organisational Development, Crisis

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